Adult acne completely changed my personality.

'To develop acne when I was 42 years old really shocked me. All of a sudden I just started to develop acne breakouts on my cheeks and chin. The acne just got worse and worse and it became really vulgar.'

I had really good skin as an adolescent and didn’t have any problems with hormonal acne when I was pregnant, so it came as a complete surprise to develop adult acne at 42! 

Leading up to the acne breakout there was no change in my skincare routine, no change in diet or any other major changes in my life that I could attribute to the acne breakout. 

Pimples suck!

"I remember that I first got pimples when I was 14 years old. It felt really ugly.”

Although I have never really had bad acne, I always seem to get pimples (especially whiteheads) just before my period.  

I am currently in year 12, studying for my HSC and I find that my acne gets worse just before exams, when I am feeling a bit more stressed. 

Going topless

"I wanted to lock myself away until the blemishes were gone."

I didn’t have bad acne on my face. My problem with acne was on my chest and the back of my neck. The acne on my chest was quite severe and very distressing especially during summer when it came time to hit the beach with friends. I would spend most summer swimming in a T-shirt.  

It was also very painful, I was unable to play any contact sports, as a knock on the chest would be agonizing and start several eruptions of bleeding pimples from my neck to my sternum.

The acne on the back of my neck was not as extensive, however some of the blemishes would grow to the size of a 20-cent piece. These would be very painful and constantly weep. I have scarring to this day and some reoccurring blemishes.

Living with acne

"The lack of understanding regarding acne at times was almost as upsetting as having it.”

I first developed acne when I was 14 years old. Within four to six weeks I went from having beautiful, clear skin to having large red cystic acne covering my cheeks and back. It was very visible and many of my family and friends commented on it.

My skin is quite pale, which made my acne seem even worse and I was very embarrassed about going to school. I felt as though all of my friends were looking at my pimples when they spoke to me and this resulted in me lowering my face to look at the ground when I was talking to others. I used to visit the bathrooms at school in breaks in the slight hope that some of the acne would have disappeared, but of course it never did.