Helping your teen cope with acne

Worried about your teenager’s acne?  Not as much as they are!  A UK study of about 1500 people – teenagers (13-17 years of age) and their parents – found that for teens, appearance is the single most important issue in their lives.  In fact, they would give up Facebook for a year, drop grades at school, or even take a parent to their high school formal if it meant they didn’t have to suffer with acne.   

So how can you best help your teen cope with temperamental skin?  A good first step is ensuring you’re well informed, so you’ve come to the right place. We’ve pooled the experience and expertise of the All About Acne experts to develop an expanded parent section.  Some quick tips for parents from All About Acne co-chair, Professor Kurt Gebauer include:  

With around 85 percent of teens likely to be affected by acne to some degree, you owe it to your children to be well informed and know where to seek more help if needed.  Just start here on our Parent page.

Dermatologist - MBBS, FACD, FACP Dr Gebauer is a consultant dermatologist predominantly in private practice in Fremantle, Western Australia. He also served as Head of Department at Fremantle Hospital, a State government teaching hospital. Dr Gebauer has ongoing interests in clinical research and trial work, having conducted trials in acne as well as a wide variety of other dermatological diseases.

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