Parents and Acne

Acne is one of your teenager’s worst nightmares

If you’re parenting teens, it’s important to help them separate fact from fiction when it comes to acne.  There is a lot of fake news out of there!

In a world obsessed with social media and celebrities, teenagers can be bombarded with unhelpful advice based on opinions rather than evidence.

During the teen years especially, physical appearance is a sensitive topic. Often, how they look is more important to a teenager than anything else. Don’t forget, instagram and selfies weren’t around when you were growing up!

Acne can make peer approval and the whole concept of fitting in far more difficult. So always take your child’s acne or their concerns about it seriously.  It’s unhelpful for them to hear “mine wasn’t that bad” or “you’ll grow out of it”.

If your teen has concerns about their acne, it’s a good idea to ask more questions to find out exactly what is troubling them. The psychological impact of acne doesn’t always reflect its ‘medical severity’, so it’s important to offer your child as much emotional and practical support as you can.

There’s a lot of information and many treatment options available but it’s vital to get medical advice based on your child’s specific experience with acne.

Encourage your child to see their GP who may refer them to a dermatologist. A pharmacist may also be able to help with skin care and over-the-counter treatments.

Ready to talk about acne with your teen?

Here are a few practical resources to help you discuss acne with your teen.

(You can download these and print them, or simply view them online.)

If your teenager has acne, help them separate fact from fiction

It’s amazing there are still so many myths about acne. It seems the more information, the more confusion, which can feel really frustrating.

Encourage your teen to take this quiz to check their acne facts.

How much do you REALLY know about acne?

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