Moderate Acne

Papule and pustule breakouts that don’t go away

If you have papules (raised reddish bumps) or pustules (raised reddish bumps with white centres) you may have moderate acne, especially if the breakouts are widespread across your face or body.

Breakouts last longer than in mild acne and often do not go away. 

If over-the-counter products are not working, you should visit your doctor who can decide if you need a different treatment or if you should be referred to a dermatologist.  

When moderate acne is not treated early enough, it can leave a permanent scar on the skin, so it’s good to get in early with the right advice.

Managing Moderate Acne

Here are some steps to follow if you’re managing moderate acne:

  • Make an appointment with your GP.
  • You may be prescribed a topical or oral (explained below) antibiotic and/or topical retinoid by your GP. If so, allow up to 12 weeks for treatment to work.
  • If you’re still concerned about your acne after 12 weeks, ask your GP for a referral to a dermatologist.
Seeing a doctor for acne

Seeing a doctor for acne

When acne makes it difficult for you to enjoy your life, it’s definitely time to see a doctor.

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