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More support needed for kids and teens

We know acne can impact wellbeing and mental health, but researchers have found even greater support is needed when it comes to kids and teens.

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Lasers play a key role in treating acne scars

Researchers are calling for acne patients to have better access to laser treatment options after they found their use most effective in reducing scars.

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Tea tree oil treatment may help acne sufferers

Ever had an adverse reaction to topical acne treatment azelaic acid? Researchers might have found a solution in commonly used tea tree oil.

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GP assessing patient with psoriasis
Study finds new GPs have limited psoriasis training

Many GPs-in-training have limited experience with psoriasis cases potentially leading to future challenges in management, according to a study.

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alternative acne therapies
Will natural therapies cure your acne?

With the common perception that “natural” remedies are safer, a new review has found that alternative acne remedies don’t work.

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BPA could cause acne
Could the BPA in your drink bottle be causing acne?

A new study has found that BPA – commonly found in plastic water bottles – could be a factor in the development and severity of acne.

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