New light therapy for acne management

People with moderate to severe acne now have access to another treatment option with a light-based therapy although cost is a major consideration.   

Kleresca® kills the P. acnes bacteria that contribute to inflammatory acne and stimulates skin repair. It can be used to safely treat the face and other areas typically affected by acne including the neck, chest, back and legs.   

Treatment is typically twice weekly for six weeks and involves a gel applied to the acne affected areas to help penetration of the LED light.   

All About Acne co-chair and Sydney dermatologist Dr Jo-Ann See said a program of treatment with Kleresca® would start from about $2,000.   

“Kleresca is most likely to appeal to people with acne who have tried and failed other treatment or don’t want to take medications,” she said.   

“It’s always good to have another treatment option available for acne patients but in Australia, we are fortunate to have a range of less expensive treatments.”   

“Some of the topical treatments that we might recommend for acne are proven to be very effective and priced at about $45 or less,” she added.   

Kleresca ® is currently only offered at selected clinics in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and the ACT. 

See what Kleresca® treatment looks like here.

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