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The All About Acne team – the authors of this site – are a group of medically-trained skin experts from across Australia who have an interest in acne management. Our experienced team of leading dermatologists guarantees the information on this website is independent and based on the highest quality research available.
Acne and self-esteem: How skin outbreaks affect social media use and relationships

A new survey of young Australians has revealed how acne is affecting their self-esteem and social media habits. Young people with severe acne are highly likely to edit photos of […]

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Survey reveals the financial cost of self-treating acne

An Australian skin clinic survey has found that acne treatment cost is quite significant for people who attempt to self-treat their acne. People with acne spend about $850 on over-the-counter […]

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How gut health affects our skin

Research is now starting to show an emerging connection between gut health and our skin, according to Deputy Director of Research at The Skin Hospital in Sydney, Dr Philip Tong. […]

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Maskne: 6 steps to managing mask-related breakouts

Maskne is the colloquial term used to describe acne breakouts associated with wearing face masks. Dr Philip Tong, a dermatologist and the Deputy Director of Research at The Skin Hospital […]

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Decoding acne in pharmacy

All About Acne is enlisting the help of pharmacies around the country to help stem the misinformation surrounding one of Australia’s most common skin conditions.

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Fatty and sugary foods, milk linked to adult acne

There may be even more reasons to follow a balanced diet with a new study finding sugary beverages, fatty and sugary products, and milk may be associated with adult acne.

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