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The dry eye dilemma: how to combat dry eyes while using isotretinoin

Oral isotretinoin, also known as Oratane or Roaccutane, is a gold-standard treatment for stubborn acne. Despite how effective oral isotretinoin can be in healing difficult-to-treat acne, there are some side […]

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Topical retinoids found to help reduce inflammatory and pigmentary skin conditions

Topical retinoids have been the cornerstone of acne treatment for decades, and recently, these medications have been researched for their usefulness for other inflammatory and pigmentary skin conditions, particularly for […]

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Oral isotretinoin the answer to severe seborrheic dermatitis

A recent study from El-Komy MHM et al has revealed that low-dose isotretinoin (10-20mg daily) over a short time period can help manage severe seborrheic dermatitis, a common chronic inflammatory […]

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Type 2 diabetes cream an effective treatment for women with adult acne

Latest research has discovered a common Type 2 diabetes cream, Metformin, is a safe and effective treatment for adult females with acne—significantly decreasing both inflammatory (papules and nodules) and non-inflammatory […]

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The vital cooling system used in laser light acne treatments

Light laser therapy is a new cutting-edge treatment method that has not attracted a widespread following yet due to treatment-related discomfort. Despite this, laser treatment may be a better option […]

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Laser treatments are safe and effective for those with acne

Did you know that light laser therapy may be an effective acne treatment? According to a 2022 study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology it is. That being said, […]

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