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Myths and beliefs about acne among adolescents

Myths and misconceptions about acne are common among adolescents, who need education about treatment and prevention.

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acne treatment
People with acne are frustrated by conflicting acne treatment advice

People with acne need reliable information about acne treatment and support with the psychological impacts of their acne, a new study shows.

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More acne education content is needed on TikTok

As TikTok grows in popularity among young people, it’s clear that informative acne content is needed on the platform.

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acne miracle cures
Dermatologists warn against acne “miracle cures”

Dermatologists have warned against so-called “miracle cures” for acne following publicity about a new supplement.

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social media
Most people with acne use social media to find medical information

Almost half of patients with acne turn to social media to find information about their skin condition.

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Face masks worsen acne and rosacea

Wearing face masks for at least six hours a day can trigger acne and rosacea flares, a condition now commonly known as “maskne”.

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