New acne treatment available in Australia

A topical acne treatment combining adapalene with benzoyl peroxide (Epiduo) is now available in a stronger form as Epiduo Forte. 

The newer treatment has triple the adapalene dose found in Epiduo which may benefit the more stubborn acne areas, such as the forehead.  The benzoyl peroxide dose remains the same.

Dr Mei Tam, Melbourne dermatologist and All About Acne member said Epiduo Forte works by combining adapalene (a type of retinoid) to unblock clogged pores and benzoyl peroxide to kill acne forming bacteria. 

“Together they work to reduce inflammation which is key to reducing acne and the chance of scarring.”

Epiduo Forte is indicated for moderate acne and for those waiting for dermatological assessment for severe acne.  It is a potential option for people who are considering isotretinoin (e.g. Oratane, Roaccutane).

“Isotretinoin remains the gold standard for treating severe acne and in the majority of cases, it can only be prescribed by a dermatologist.  Waiting times for some dermatologists, such as those in regional areas, can be months,” explained Dr Tam.

“As Epiduo Forte can be prescribed by a GP, it may provide faster access to treatment for people with severe acne. Given the psychological impact that severe acne can have on some people, timely access to a healthcare professional for advice and treatment is important,” added Dr Tam.

Epiduo Forte is only available on prescription and retails for approximately $40-$45 for 30g.

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