Decoding acne in pharmacy

All About Acne is enlisting the help of pharmacies around the country to help stem the misinformation surrounding one of Australia’s most common skin conditions.

Decoding acne is an educational initiative using common acne myths to encourage discussion with pharmacists.

Dermatologist and Co-chair of All About Acne, Clinical Associate Professor Kurt Gebauer said acne is a topic that everyone seems to have an opinion on which can cause confusion.

“In an online world with so many ‘acne experts’, access to credible websites and healthcare professionals is more important than ever,” said A/Prof Gebauer.

Acne affects 85% of Australians aged 12-24 years old and globally, we are seeing an increase in adult acne.

The National President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, George Tambassis, said community pharmacists were often the first health professionals consulted by people with acne.

“Pharmacists are the most accessible health professionals and the fact you can walk in and get some advice about acne and acne treatments without an appointment is important,” Mr Tambassis said.

Decoding acne is an All About Acne initiative supported by Avène.

The All About Acne team – the authors of this site – are a group of medically-trained skin experts from across Australia who have an interest in acne management. Our experienced team of leading dermatologists guarantees the information on this website is independent and based on the highest quality research available.

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