Laser treatments are safe and effective for those with acne

Did you know that light laser therapy may be an effective acne treatment? According to a 2022 study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology it is.

That being said, however, the study did note that due to the discomfort associated with the laser, it has not been adopted widely.

Seventeen patients were involved in the study, each of them receiving three facial laser sessions, the side effects monitored. The results showed that after four weeks of treatment, patients experienced more than 50 per cent reduction in the number of inflamed acne spots. This increased to 97 per cent 24 months down the track.

According to the study, patients felt more confident in themselves and less embarrassed afterwards, with 71 per cent indicating they were very satisfied with the psychosocial improvement at the three months post-treatment mark.

Although it can be painful, the treatment method is welcomed by those with mild-to-severe acne, the reason being that antibiotic treatments increase the likelihood of resistance. This is a growing concern among those dermatologists who prescribe topical or oral antibiotics.

Light laser treatment is a viable alternative to oral therapies such as oral antibiotics and retinoids. It is considered a safer alternative to ultraviolet (UV) exposure therapy and reduces the risk of skin aging and skin lesions when undergoing UV therapy.

The most promising aspect of this treatment method was that the positive effects of it were still being felt by patients two years after the treatment. And a vast majority (71%) of them would be keen to do it again.

All About Acne Board member and practising Sydney-based dermatologist, Dr Phil Tong said the study highlighted the positive post-treatment results laser can provide. He recommends talking to your dermatologist about whether it is the right treatment approach for you.

Reference: J Cosmet Dermatol. Dec 2022 13; 486.

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