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Acne information for teens and their parents

In our new Parents Pack, we’ve covered how acne forms, the different types of acne treatment for teens, questions your doctor may ask, and a skin care checklist.

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Perceived acne stigma can affect quality of life

While numerous studies have explored the negative psychological impact of acne, a recent study has made a direct link between the perceived social stigma felt by people with acne and their quality of life.

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Dermatologists warn against self ‘microdosing’

Illegally obtaining low dose isotretinoin (Oratane, Roaccutane) online or taking the acne treatment differently to how it was prescribed by a doctor is both unnecessary and dangerous, warn dermatologists.

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Microscopy: looking closely for acne cures

Turbo-charging existing acne medications as well as developing better therapies with some very hi-tech microscopes is the focus for Harvard Medical School Professor, Conor Evans.

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Spironolactone vs antibiotics for acne

A study looking at almost 40,000 women with moderate to severe acne has found a medication discovered in the 1950s may be as effective as a particular type of oral antibiotic in treating acne.

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Survey of twins supports genetic link for acne

A study involving the world’s largest gathering of twins supports research that there is a genetic link for acne, but environmental factors may influence its severity.

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