Acne information for teens and their parents

In our new Parents Pack, we’ve covered how acne forms, the different types of acne treatment for teens, questions your doctor may ask, and a skin care checklist.

Tools for talking acne with your teen

If you’re the parent of a teenager you’d be well aware of the importance they can place on looking good.

Physical appearance is often a big part of who they believe they are, so anything that affects this (like teenage acne) can also affect their self-esteem.

The good news is that despite the amount of information your child can access online about acne, studies and All About Acne’s own research with high school students have shown that teenagers still turn to their family for support.

The Parents Pack

To help parents with the acne discussion, we’ve developed a few practical resources for you to use.

In our new Parents Pack, we’ve covered how acne forms, the different types of acne and who can help, questions your GP or dermatologist may ask, as well as a skin care checklist.

Acne may be seen by many as a ‘normal’ part of growing up but it’s vital not to underestimate the psychological impact acne can have.

Not everyone grows out of acne and acne scarring can be a life-long consequence of this common medical condition.

Acne advice is never in short supply and some of it will cause more harm than good. Anything you can do to help your child understand and manage their acne is a step in the right direction.

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